PSReg (Parallel Simultaneous Registration)

I cleaned up my implementation of [1] (thread version). I actually have an experimental code different from this one (for example it has the sampling code), but I felt it might be beneficial for some of you who might want to register range images for free. So hereby I release this version of code for research and educational use.
A full scalable implementation written with MPI which can run on PC clusters will be released when I get less busy with other stuff.

To compile, you will need the following libraries installed beforehand.

I've put an example Makefile, so you can edit it to fit your environment. If you have Visual C++ 6.0 on your windows machine, you can use the dsw file in the winPSReg subdirectory.
I have managed to test my code on, OpenBSD 3.1/i386, Kondara 2.1 Linux/i386, VC++ 6.0/Win2k and cygwin/Win2k. Note that if you use cygwin, you won't be able to display any message from the program. Those messages are useful to determine whether the registration has converged.
I usually do
kon% PSReg >& foo.log ; tail -f foo.log

Detailed explanation can be found in the README file.
I am also putting some range data that I've scanned. The Mask was scanned with a hand made light stripe range finder and it has intensity values for each 3D point. You can test the registration with photometric attribute stuff with this data. The Skull does not have any photometric attributes. Both of them are already aligned, so you can first move each range image randomly and run the registration to enjoy.
I just found that there's a bug when trying to align the mask with the intensity evaluation switch on. This seems to happen only on Windows. I'll try to fix this someday soon.
(BTW, I am not allowed to release any large scale range data we have scanned including the Buddha range images ;(


Copyright (C) 2002 Ko Nishino. All Rights Reserved.
Permission to use this software for educational and research purposes is hereby granted without fee. All other rights, including the rights to distribute, modify, or sell the software, are explicitly reserved by the author. Please contact the author if you wish to make any modifications or additions to the software. This software is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind, express, implied or otherwise, including without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

[Download Code]

[Download Example Range Data]
  1. K. Nishino and K. Ikeuchi
    "Robust Simultaneous Registration of Multiple Range Images",
    in Proc. of Fifth Asian Conference on Computer Vision ACCV '02, pp454-461, Jan., 2002.[PDF]
© 2002- Ko Nishino All Rights Reserved